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When you connect to a website on the internet, your connection relies upon communication between the host server of your internet connection, and the website you are visiting.

The IP Address you see above is a representation of information that contains details of your host server. It is also the IP address that web servers will see when you are browsing the web.

If you visit without Psiphon enabled, you’ll notice your IP address is not the same.

When you use Psiphon, all your traffic is tunneled through a series of proxy servers, changing the IP address you would otherwise have when you’re ‘nontunneled’.

Psiphon is not like other VPNs

Fixed protocols that other VPNs use can make network-interference easy, but with Psiphon, you’re connected to an ever-changing network of cloud servers. Unlike other VPNs, Psiphon also values your privacy. We don’t save your information. All Psiphon user information is stored in aggregated packages, not that dissimilar to a snowball...

Picture your connection to be like a snowflake.

When a snowflake falls from the sky, it is surrounded by other uniquely-shaped snowflakes. The ground is like a webserver. The snowflakes fall on the ground, just like a user connects with a server.

If you wanted to see which snowflakes connected with the ground, there might be enough unique identifying characteristics such that you could differentiate each one that fell.

But when you tunnel the flakes as they fall, and make a snowball before the snowflakes even hit the ground, all those unique characteristics are gone, and you’re left with a snow aggregate!

'Snow' your ip with Psiphon on, iOS, Android & Windows

Learn more about Psiphon’s security measures here